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Importance of a makeup mirror with good lighting ability for a good makeup

The importance of a makeup mirror with good lighting

Importance of a makeup mirror with good lighting

Girls should feel deeply when applying makeup that the brightness of the mirror directly reflects the clarity of the face. A low-brightness mirror is weak against ambient light interference, and the details are difficult to show. It is just like the eye makeup,when you personally feel it is quite good, but your friend said that it is not evenly applied, which is very embarrassing! In the following, we will analyze the lighting ability comparison and how to choose A makeup mirror with good lighting ability can achieve a perfect makeup.

 In fact, makeup and skin care also have professional lighting standards. According to China’s national standard of beauty environment, the illuminance of the dressing room should not be less than 500 LUX, and it needs to be higher than 900 LUX for makeup. The traditional indoor lighting is generally about 100 LUX, which does not meet the makeup conditions.

Generally, indoor fluorescent lamps are mainly cold white light. This kind of colder light is similar to the light in the early morning or winter evening. When the brightness is not enough, it is easy to mislead you to make too heavy a color in the deviation light and draw in natural light. The warm yellow light that is often too heavy in restaurants is slightly dimmed, making the overall makeup less colorful.

Therefore, when the natural light is insufficient and artificial light is needed to supplement it, it is necessary to choose the one that can simulate pure natural light to the greatest extent, and the cold and warm light interweave.

Subjective feelings will be somewhat biased. We found that Luxshare Testing Group used an integrating sphere tester to test the R9 and R15 indexes of the makeup mirror.

If a makeup mirror with good lighting ability with two indexes of R9 and R15 reaches 95, then it will not only have a small color difference for the restoration of the foundation that needs to be close to the skin tone, but also the vivid color restoration of lipstick, blush, and eye shadow is true enough to make you paint as natural as possible. With exquisite makeup, you won’t accidentally paint a heavy makeup.

If the composite index of a illuminated mirror is weak, the R9 index is between -1 and 31, and the red reproduction effect is not very good. When applying makeup, if the room’s natural light is insufficient, it may be easy to use too much force.

PS: The R9 index represents the skin color of the yellow race. The higher the index, the more realistic the skin color can be reproduced. R15 (dark bright red) is an index to evaluate the quality of red reproduction. The higher the value, the higher the reduction of red, the better the effect of combined injection, and the more vivid.

In summary, the higher the illumination index of a illuminated mirror, the more realistic the skin complexion can be reproduced. To put it simply, the higher the LUX value, the more real people see themselves and the better the makeup effect. So when you want to do a perfect makeup every day, you should carefully choose a makeup mirror with good lighting ability

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The importance of a makeup mirror with good lighting

Importance of a makeup mirror with good lighting ability for a good makeup

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