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The LED Table Mirror: Your Perfect Companion for use of home makeup mirror

When it comes to makeup application and grooming, having the right mirror is essential.  The D740B LED Table Mirror is a versatile and innovative product that offers a convenient and efficient solution for your beauty needs.

One of the standout features of the LED Table Mirror is its principle of scaling.  Inspired by the concept of adjust ability found in everyday objects like suitcases and umbrellas, Greenfrom has incorporated this feature into its design.The mirror features a 7cm telescopic tube that enables you to adjust its height according to your needs.This ensures that you can position the mirror at the optimal height for comfortable and accurate use. Whether you’re standing at a vanity, or even using it in the bathroom, the LED Table Mirror offers flexibility and customization.

Portability is another key advantage of this mirror. The removable design allows you to easily detach the mirror from its base, making it incredibly convenient to carry and store.Whether you’re traveling or need to move it around your home, the LED Table Mirror offers flexibility and ease of use.

The LED Table Mirror’s selling points go beyond its portability and adjustable design. The LED Table Mirror also offers three different light modes, including warm light, daylight, and cold-white light.The mirror is equipped with brightness memory function,It ensures that the mirror retains your preferred brightness level, allowing you to achieve consistent lighting conditions every time you use it.

Additionally, the mirror includes a 30-minute delay off feature, which automatically turns off the LED lights after a specified time period. This not only saves energy but also adds convenience, especially for those moments when you forget to switch off the lights after use.

D740B The LED Mirror.  It is an excellent and breakthrough mirror.

The LED Table Mirror: Your Perfect Companion for use of home makeup mirror

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