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What Makes One Lighted Vanity Mirror Better Than Others

What Makes One Lighted Vanity Mirror Better Than Others

What Makes One Lighted Vanity Mirror Better Than Others

As we know, an excellent LED makeup mirror can not only adjust the color light (cold light, warm light, natural light) and brightness. The key point is that it can solve the light source needs of makeup anytime and anywhere. At the mean time, there are also many humanized functions derived from LED makeup mirrors, such as adjustable mirror angle and the rotation, which can make you feel that it is essential in your life. So among so many makeup mirrors, What makes your lighted vanity mirror superior to the others? Come and join us to check the main factors!

Light source safety

Many people might think that is just only a luminous item anyway, isn’t it? Then you are wrong. The quality of some makeup mirrors light is not good enough which would hurt your eyes, no mention that it doesn’t shine clearly. That will bring you a very bad experience.

Improper design of the light wave of the artificial light source can also cause radiation exposure to human eyes and skin, so it is also important to have photobiological safety certification.

Therefore, a good lighted makeup mirror needs to ensure that the light source is free of ultraviolet rays, no radiation, and no harm to the skin.

Endurance of the power  

As a lighted vanity mirror, of course, endurance counts. This is mainly for the models that are powered by a built-in battery.

According to the daily use of half an hour, we have tested the model with the strongest battery life, which can be used for 21 days, other common styles can be used for 7 days, and some poorer styles can only be used for 3 days.

Use experience details

The dressing table is easily be messed up when you do the daily makeup.

If the mirror occupies a small area on the table and the chassis has a strong storage capacity, it will undoubtedly be helpful.

In fact, the larger the chassis, the better the storage capacity, then it will occupied larger the tabletop area. Therefore, the storage design of different styles of illuminated mirrors is to try to balance them. Consumers can also choose according to their own habits and the actual situation.

The other two outstanding designs that surprise the users are the magnified mirror and mirror flipping function.

Magnified mirror

Nowadays, many lighted makeup mirrors are ordinary one time magnification, and on this basis, they are generally thoughtfully equipped with a small portable or handheld mirror in 5 times with magnet, which is the most suitable for checking the details of the face. It is very considerated.

It is also very convenient to use in many cases, just attach it to the mirror magnetically!

Mirror flipping function

In addition, most of the mirror surface can be flexibly flipped. And the flip angle is different according to different styles.

Some mirror flip degrees are from 0 to 60 degrees; some flip degrees are from 0 to 90 degrees. There are some more convenient styles that the mirror flip degrees are 360 degrees. So you can choose between 180 degrees front and back adjustment to meet your makeup request.

With the blessing of humanized design, skin care and makeup can be more comfortable and enjoyable.

All the above are the points that make a good LED makeup mirror superior to others. Every little detail will let you discover the beauty and convenience from the makeup mirrors. Choosing a makeup mirror that is superior to the others will also make your makeup superior to the others!

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What Makes One Lighted Vanity Mirror Better Than Others

What Makes One Lighted Vanity Mirror Better Than Others

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