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Best Selfie Ultrafragola Vanity Mirror

Favorite Selfie Ultrafragola Vanity Mirror

With a glamorous makeup mirror in your bedroom, it must be a shining star and which will make you happy every day. And no doubt that this flattering selfie Ultrafragola Vanity Mirror must be one of the best choices. The best selfie vanity mirror, which is a charming and unique led mirror, will make you fall in love with her.

This glamorous Ultrafragola Mirror comes from the Italian architect Ettore Sottsass, the brilliant idea to design the wavy-edge, full-length standing lighted Ultrafragola vanity mirror. This Ultrafragola first come out in 1970, and it has been debuted 3 times in Milan. What’s more, Keith Johnson, the president, and director of Urban Architecture, said this Ultrafragola vanity mirror is to eulogize the femininity of women. Because Ultrafragola is the meaning of strawberry in Italian.

Designed with a fancy outlook, this Ultrafragola vanity mirror is favorable by artists. So it becomes the favorable selfie vanity mirror. Famous for the photos posted on Ins and Facebook by the artists, this Ultrafragola becomes popular. The full-length vanity mirror, with the Ultrafragola design, with a sinuous shape, symbolize the wavy hair of women.

The wavy frame, which is fixed with the HD mirror, is made of opaline acrylic. Also, the 36 degrees all-around LED lighting makes the mirror shining. And this Ultrafragola mirror can be a lamp in the bedroom or living room. What’s more, the fancy wavy shape makes this vanity mirror become a nice decoration in your house.

Favorite Selfie Ultrafragola Vanity Mirror

With the popular selfie of stars with this fancy Ultrafragola mirror, more and more people take notice of this unique standing mirror. Supersize of L 182xW 93cm, which supports you to take a stylish selfie. And the point is it can help you check your dressing convenient.

The original design of this Ultrafragola is pink color and pink lighting. With the developments of this mirror, now there comes the 7-colors led lighting version, which will be more glamorous. This special led standing mirror will be suitable for the living room, bedroom, spa, chain stores, and so on. It can be multi-function used.

Do you want to get many likes on Ins or Facebook? Just take a special selfie with this Ultrafragola vanity mirror and make a post. Moreover, with this selfie Ultrafragola Vanity Mirror, it us a good use for dressing in your living room and bedroom. Also, it is a good decoration in your house.

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Best Selfie Ultrafragola Vanity Mirror

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