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Best Lighted Table Makeup Mirror From Manufacturer 2022

The Best Lighted Table Makeup Mirror From Manufacturer 2022

Best LED Lighted Table Makeup Mirror

Mirror is a household object that almost every person needs. Used by both men and women, the demand for mirrors is always growing over time. If we look closer to the mirror market, it is fragmented into different sections and consumers. Households, hair salons, fashion industry, film industry, and other types of consumer around the world will always look for a mirror to buy.

Whether you are selling offline or online, the distribution channel for a common product like a mirror is clear and easy to enter. With that said, it is crucial that you offer a standout quality mirror as a distributor. In the following article, we will guide you through an extensive review on Greenfrom, one of the premiere mirror wholesalers you can find in the mirror industry.

Important Elements When Choosing a Mirror Wholesaler

The advancement of online platforms such as Alibaba has made it much easier for retailers and distributors worldwide to connect with new wholesalers and producers. Unfortunately, with the benefit also comes the drawbacks. While online platforms like Alibaba guarantee the safety of your transaction, there is no guarantee to the quality of the products that you will be receiving.

If you are ever looking for a mirror wholesaler online, here are some of the most important elements that you have to look for to ensure you only buy from top quality wholesaler/producer:

  • Product offerings

When looking at the product offerings of a wholesaler, it is not always about how many different kinds of product they are offering. A diverse catalogue may provide you with more options of product, but a wholesaler who specialized on just a few categories of product may offer better quality products

  • Track record

Manufacturing a good quality mirror is not an easy task that every producer can do. Before deciding on a wholesaler, make sure to check on their track record! One of the easiest way to do so is by visiting the company website for their detailed profile or simply check on the customer review

  • Manufacturing facility

It goes without saying that a producer should have a manufacturing facility. This is an important factor because there are a lot of third-party sellers who claim themselves as a firsthand producer when they actually work as an agent. Dealing with a third party may still get you quality mirrors, but it will be more expensive as they will charge a higher price

  • Manufacturing standard

After identifying their manufacturing facility, do not forget to check for their standards. At the very least, they should complete an ISO certification to ensure the standard of their production. In some cases, it would be better if they have a special engineering team dedicated to maintain the quality of their production

  • Price

The price of a mirror depends on the type of mirror you are buying. While there are no specific standard on how much a decent mirror should cost, you have to make sure that the price is worth the quality of the mirror you are buying

  • Shipping

Mirror is a fragile object. To ensure that your mirrors arrive safely, make sure that the wholesaler you deal with never compromises when it comes to the shipping quality. The least that a wholesaler can do is packing the mirror in bubble wraps and cardboard boxes

  • Customer service

A helpful customer service is always convenient to work with. While you may not need much communication when ordering a few batches, it is still crucial for a wholesaler to have a good customer service in order to keep your order properly delivered

Why choose Greenfrom?

The cosmetic mirror market is highly saturated with countless producers. On online platforms such as Amazon, you can find a producer within seconds. Unfortunately, finding a reliable producer is not that easy. First of all, not every seller on Amazon is a manufacturer, there are multiple sellers claiming as a first hand producer when they are actually a third party/agent. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the product you are buying is of high quality.

When you buy from Jiangmen Greenfrom Household Co Ltd, we assure you that you are getting a high quality mirror from a first hand producer. Here are some of the reason for you to buy your mirrors from Greenfrom:

  • Experience in the cosmetic mirror industry

As mentioned before, our company has been around the cosmetic mirror industry for more than a decade. Over the years, we have adjusted with the fast-moving market, staying ahead by never stopping our technological development

  • Proper manufacturing facility

We are proud and grateful to have such a grand manufacturing facility in Jiangmen, China. We have at least 13,000m² of manufacturing space with advanced technology and operated by our professional team and staffs

  • High standard of quality control

Producing hundreds of thousands to a million cosmetic mirrors per year, we always stand by our principle of “quality is the priority”. We maintain a high standard of quality control in order to produce good quality mirrors consistently. Our standardisation system has comply with ISO9001 quality management system including BSCI and SEDEX

  • Professional team

Aside from our sales staff, we have a professional research and development team with 5 of our very best engineers

  • Custom service

We have more than 100 sets of mold to help you customize your own product, so feel free to send a customized request

  • Competitive price

On each product that we offer, we always make sure to deliver a high quality product at a competitive price. With our scale of production and advanced technology, not many producers can compete with the price we offer for our customers

Our Products

As mentioned previously, we have a wide range of products suitable for retails and bulk orders. You can choose different types of cosmetic mirrors with some unique features, or customize your own order! In the following we are going to review 2 of our best selling products for retailer and bulk buyers around the world.

  1. Vanity LED Mirror 10x Magnifying LED Makeup Mirror

A vanity makeup mirror is one of the most on demand mirrors that has become a household object for women around the world. With an addition of a magnifying LED covering the edge of the mirror, this type of mirror is highly convenient for completing eye straining tasks such as shaving peach fuzz and shaping eyebrows.

Some of the features that comes with the Lighted Table Makeup Mirror:

  • Fully lighted
  • Magnifying LED
  • Battery powered
  • 18 pcs of high quality LED
  • Button switch/sensor switch
  • 360 degree rotation

As we mentioned before, we have our own engineering team to ensure that our product is made with high quality material following the proper procedure. The mirror has a size of 20.8*13.5*32.5 cm with a frame size of 7 inches. Our engineering team installed a 4.5 wattage, with up to 30000 hours of LED lifetime.

Your purchase of this product will be followed by a 1 year warranty. We offer the mirrors in 3 different colors including rose gold, chrome, and brush nickel, but feel free to inquire about any customization on colors or added logo.

Shipping Details of Lighted Table Makeup Mirror

We apply a strict shipping protocol to ensure that all our mirrors arrive safely to your hands. We can set up our standard shipping package or ship according to your request. Feel free to contact us for more info about shipping.

For this particular mirror, we can fulfill and send your order in just 20-30 days based on your order quantity.

  • Smart Espejos Vanity Table Makeup Mirror With Light

If you are looking for a cheaper vanity makeup mirror, this is the perfect product for you! Built with the same high standard and specially designed by our engineering team, the smart espejos vanity table makeup mirror is created to be as efficient as possible, both in cost and functionality.

Considering the quality of this vanity mirror, this is one of the cheapest vanity mirrors that you can find on the market. Here are some of the features that comes with this mirror:

  • Fully lighted
  • Cold white LED light
  • Cordless operation
  • 90 degree adjustable angle
  • Touch sensor
  • Built in lithium battery and USB cable
  • 270 degree rotation
  • 21 days battery life with just 4 hours of charging

This product is made to be cost efficient with maximized practicality. Thus, we use only high definition glass and durable plastic as the material for this mirror. We specifically designed this mirro to be 20*18**33 cm in size, perfect for a travel size mirror.  

We also provide a 1 year warranty with every purchase of this mirror. This mirror only comes in 1 color which is the classic white color.

Shipping Details

We apply a strict shipping protocol to ensure that all our mirrors arrive safely to your hands. We can set up our standard shipping package or ship according to your request. Feel free to contact us for more info about shipping.

Conclusion of the Lighted Table Makeup Mirror

That concludes our review on 2 of the best selling vanity mirrors that Greenfrom offers. Whichever product you decide to buy, we will always deliver our product at the highest quality and standard. Our customer service team will also be ready to assist you with any inquiries including customization, so please get in touch!

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Best Lighted Table Makeup Mirror From Manufacturer 2022

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