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Top 5 Best LED Lighted Portable Makeup Mirror in 2022

Best LED Lighted Portable Makeup Mirror

Portable makeup mirrors were all the hype in 2020 and the demand for them is still on the rise. However, the advancement in technology has made it easier to carry LED mirrors with built-in LED lights. Since the demand for portable mirrors is high, the market is saturated with many manufacturers. Therefore, we bring you the top five LED lighted mirrors which are popular on Amazon selling.

Each of them comes with different and unique features and fulfill your makeup needs on the go. Whether you are at home or on the move, they will never leave you disappointed any time of day. With the holiday season around the corner, these portable mirrors are a popular choice for gifts. Some of them come with features like dimming technology as well as adjustable angle.

These LED lighted makeup mirrors come in different price ranges and therefore it sometimes becomes difficult to choose a product that fulfills your requirements. We have compiled a list a list of the five best LED lighted mirrors that come with unique and attractive features.

Choose from the following list to make an informed buying decision.

List of Top 5 Best LED Lighted Portable Makeup Mirror in 2022

  1. Slim LED Rechargeable Makeup Mirror
  2. LED Pocket Mirror (大饼镜)
  3. Tri-fold LED Makeup Mirror
  4. LED Pocket Mirror with Power Bank Function
  5. LED Hand Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer

1. Slim LED Rechargeable Makeup Mirror

The best thing about the these mirror is that they have adjustable light settings and you have three great lighting options to choose form. You can always switch between warm, neutral and natural lights as per your mood and lighting needs. No matter the time of the day, you can adjust the temperature and brightness according to your makeup needs.

The dimension of this mirror and its lightweight makes it handy and easy to carry in your handbag. The 10x-magnifying mirror helps you create a flawless makeup look. The best part is that the magnifier is detachable. Furthermore, the large makeup mirror surface allows you to adjust the view in any direction you please. With Eco-friendly rechargeable 1000mAh battery, you can go wireless with this portable makeup mirror. For charging the battery, just plug it in with the included USB cable.

This slim led mirror has received great customer reviews as people have found it to be quite handy and easy to use. With amazing brightness, it allows you to check out all aspects of your face and complete your makeup flawlessly.

2. LED Pocket Mirror (大饼镜)

These mirrors are the closest you can get to nature and details. They provide you with a life-like detail in natural light. Their 1x/10x dual magnifying feature makes them a perfect companion for all your makeup needs. You can always carry them along in your purse due to their compact design and 127mm distortion-free large view. The quality of light is similar to that in a ring light. What makes this mirror a popular choice is the fact that you can carry the finest quality in your pocket. Never go wrong with your makeup details when you have the LED pocket mirror.

This portable pocket makeup mirror a packed with 50,000 hours of everlasting LED lighting power and the light bulbs would not lose their luminous glare ever. Their elegant glossy finish is unique in its looks and class. If a family member aspires to become a TitTok star, give them this LED pocket mirror as a gift that they will cherish whenever they create content.

Pocket mirrors have always been fashion and many women find them quite useful especially while traveling. However, this one comes with a twist as it also has LED lighting. Imagine traveling at night when you have no other light to check your makeup but in your purse, there is a small companion to cheer you up!

3. Tri-fold LED Makeup Mirror

The next one in the top five list is unique due to 21 pieces of LED light and you will definitely love it if you like clarity. They create a classic makeup environment with brightness controls a touch away. The touch sensor for brightness control makes it even more convenient to use. If you are a Vlogger or makeup and fashion influencer, this is a must-have item. Using your tripod place your phone next to the tri-fold LED makeup mirror to create makeup mirror to create makeup tutorials worthy of going viral.

This LED lighted makeup mirror offers three types of magnification features i.e 1X/2X/3X with a 10X magnifying mirror to make your makeup experience more clear and delicate. The 10X magnification makeup mirror is also travel-friendly and never fails you with even the finest makeup detail.

This makeup mirror also provides you with a panoramic 180-degree rotation. Its high-quality ABS injection makes it scratch-resistant and won’t age in daily use. These mirrors are also travel friendly and portable. You have both power options i.e. 4AA batteries (not included) or USB power cable.

If you want to take your makeup experience to the next level, it is highly recommended that you get one of these. Because of its tri-folding ability, it is easy to store in a purse. The mirror also comes with many other attractive features. And the best thing is, it is not very expensive at all!

4. LED Pocket Mirror with Power Bank Function 

This is one of a kind pocket mirror packed with power bank. The main feature of these mirrors is their practically unlimited power supply. This two in one pocket mirror comes with a battery capacity of 3000mAh. The battery and output are suitable for charging almost all kinds of cell phones. This mirror is featured with standard 1X and 3X or 5X magnification with LED lights to help you with your daily makeup needs especially during darker conditions.

The power bank is a handy and lightweight. This LED pocket mirror with a power bank is an excellent travel partner for your makeup sessions and portable charging needs. Never worry about your phone losing battery or the hassle of carrying an additional power bank when you are on the move. This two in one mirror is your perfect travel partner.

Now, this is something really exciting and very unique. Imagine having a compact and stylish power bank in your purse that also has a LED lighted mirror! This product can also make an excellent gift for a woman who likes to keep herself organized all the time. It will also come in handy while traveling.

5. LED Hand Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer

One of the latest in this category, these vintage mirrors come with typical two types of magnification glasses i.e. 1X/7X on each side. This lightweight mirror comes with a simple handle. The handle is both adjustable and removable making it even more portable and elegant.

This LED lighted makeup mirror is so classy and vintage that it can even be used as a decorative piece sitting at any tabletop in your room. It is made of the highest quality optical glass and built to withstand weather, rust, and water. This is a classic Christmas present for the older women of your family. It is light on the pocket and long-lasting so that you are never forgotten.

Hand-held mirrors have never gone out of vogue. They are still stylish and chic and every woman simply loves them. The best thing about this hand-held, though simply designed mirror, is that it comes with LED lighting! This premium quality mirror can also be placed on a dresser as a decorative item. It can serve as your travel companion to refresh your makeup at every stop along the way.

So, this was the roundup of the best LED lighted mirrors available on the market today. If you have been planning to get one for yourself or for someone you love, it’s time to choose one among these. Check out their features and specs and then decide which one would fulfill your requirements.


LED portable mirrors are becoming quite popular not just for home decor but also as portable travel companions. They consist of multiple LED lights that can be lighted up with battery power. The portable ones designed for ladies are extremely stylish and very useful. This post was a review of the best-LED makeup mirrors available out there that are different in their construction and specs.

All these make mirrors come with unique features. It is up to you to choose one among them if you would like tabletop mirror, pocket mirror or handheld mirror. Whether you apply makeup during travel or just need them for a touch-up. You can choose the one you like from the available variety and you will never be disappointed.

The mirrors are being used for a variety of purposes. Most people are satisfied with them because they offer great value for their money and offer amazing features. These LED makeup mirrors can also make memorable gifts on all occasions. If you know a woman who loves to make herself up, this could be her next present!

Top 5 Best LED Lighted Portable Makeup Mirror in 2022

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