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GREENFROM Wholesale LED table Mirror with adjustable height: upgrade the function

LED table mirror continues to enrich function in the mirror market, the adjustable height is a user-friendly function, which can adjust the height of the mirror and people can choose the suitable height they need. Elegantly and efficiently designed, GREENFROM adjustable LED vanity mirror is an easy solution for your daily makeup or shaving routine. We are a mirror factory with over 12 years of experience and we always focus on mirror development all the time.

In this article, we witness the development of LED table mirrors with adjustable heights. We do more simple designs, and better functions to satisfy the client’s requirements.

Tradition Adjustable Height Structure

Heard some people complain normal tabletop mirror is too short to use, GREENFROM focused on the function upgrade from 2012, so we work out the adjustable tube of the mirror to adjust the height of the LED table mirror. 

We add a screw part in the middle and then connect the upper and lower pillars (as shown in Figure 2). In the process of consumers using the cosmetic mirror, consumers need to twist the screw position, and after a slight rotation, the upper bracket can be moved. Consumers can choose a suitable mirror height according to their height, from personal use to everyone can use together. Its height can be adjusted between 15 and 19 inches.It is suitable for people of different heights.

Some people may wonder if adding an adjustable mirror tube will affect the stability of the mirror. Actually not, because GREENFROM pays attention to optimizing the function of the mirror while maintaining all the original functions. Our base is with an anti-Slip EVA base to ensure the stability of the mirror.

2023 upgrade LED mirror Adjustable Height Structure

In recent years, GREENFROM has adopted the opinions of consumers to continuously optimize and improve the function of mirrors. We develop LED mirrors to Bluetooth music-lighted mirrors, Sensor LED mirrors, and rechargeable LED mirrors. We keep up with the mirror trend.

But we still pay high attention to some traditional models, for example, we develop the LED vanity mirror with an adjustable tube. For the traditional adjustable tube, we use the screw to adjust the height, actually, it is not convenient for daily use. GREENFORM always considers the clients’ satisfaction as a priority. So that is why we still focus on developing every mirror with possibility.

The engineering department replaced the screw-splicing structure with an integrated structure. (shown in Figure 3)

From the appearance, we can see that the adjustable bracket is more simple, it looks simple and elegant. To see closely the structure is like the umbrella folding structure and it is easy to fold. Clients just gently pull the tube up to raise the tube, and the tube can easily pull out. In the same way, we slightly press down the tube, and the tube can be lowered. We simplify the steps to use, even with one hand, you can still adjust the mirror height as you need.

We strengthen the tube positioning, so you can accurately locate the height you need. It is stable enough for your daily makeup.

For the traditional one, the cosmetic mirror is operated by a 4*AAA battery. And the new one there is a built-in rechargeable battery, which means that we can finish the charging, and the makeup mirror can use for about 2 weeks. It will be more environmentally.

What’s more, with this new LED makeup mirror with adjustable height, we also upgrade the LED function. There are three light tones (warm-natural-white) instead of only one color tone on the traditional one(Cold white). Three light tones setting for different occasions create ideal lighting conditions for makeup application with our lighted vanity mirrors.

Here is the conclusion for the comparison:

  1. Adjustable Height: An integrated structure for the tube
  2. LED: Three light tones improvement
  3. Power supply: Built-in rechargeable battery, wireless using
  4. Switch: Smart sensitive touch dimmer

The new version of the LED makeup mirror with adjustable height combines tradition and market trends, GREENFROM successfully upgrade the LED makeup mirror with adjustable height to better lighting and easy operation.

GREENFROM never stops in the direction of improving LED makeup mirrors, we believe that continuous improvement will bring consumers a better experience.

GREENFROM Wholesale LED table Mirror with adjustable height: upgrade the function

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