It's more than A Mirror.

Get Ready with Greenfrom Today

This time, it is our pleasure to start a get-ready routine with Greenfrom users. And Greenfrom mirror will be the accompaniment to start the brand new day.

There is no doubt that we need a cosmetic mirror to make it started. The large-size light bulb mirror is absolutely the best choice when using it. Greenfrom got several sizes and shapes for selection, just to fit all kinds of usage scenarios. No matter whether you are using it for the salon, hotel, shop dressing room, or household bedroom. This definitely is on a necessary list with fashionable.

And we may have seen it a lot on different social media and no question it is already pretty hit. Sitting in front of this mirror, we could feel the lights up. It really feels like a ’60s Hollywood starlet!

Even if we wipe the toner, and apply the skin cream to the essence, the light is pretty soft and not harsh to the eyes. That is because the mirror got three lighting tones and it comes as cold white→warm white and natural light. Moreover, we also could stepless adjust the lighting luminance and not worry about that’s too bright.

Hold on. Just found out the phone is low battery and needs to charge it ASAP or we will go out later. The mirror could charge the phone in the meantime and problems were solved.

Coming next we continue to apply the makeup base and foundation. And basically, that is not easy to put on mascara, especially for myopia. And this mirror got an additional accessory of the magnifying suction mirror, doesn’t it a pretty thoughtful design? We could brush our eyelashes and put on eyeliner more smoothly. See, applying eyeshadow and eyebrow are also handy as well.

Let’s move on to the blush and bronzer, blush the contour powder for a look that is freely and has no pressure because the larger glass brings more angles for us.

Last but not least, with your favorite lipstick on, and in that beautiful dress and those heels, it will be a fun day to go out. We look pretty much gorgeous!

Indeed, using the Greenfrom mirror, so much happiness.

But don’t forget to take the phone and turn off the power before heading out the door.

Already expect to the next time!

Get Ready with Greenfrom Today

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