It's more than A Mirror.

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Double Sides 6 Inches Double Sides Bamboo Table Mirror

1. Use high definition glass, clear and without distortion
Use high definition glass which is the best quality glass with Japanese technique and clear reflective portrait. Both sides of the mirror can achieve more than 10 Million Pixels HD Mirror Effect. Using the optical principle of No Pixels Loss Magnification which can guarantee zoom in without distortion.

2. Double-Sided Multi-angle Smooth Rotation, Born for Profession
The double-sided mirror has passed the fatigue test 10,000 times, which proves its durability and non-loose properties; Non-slip base of the cosmetic mirror provides stability during rotation; You can simply adjust the desktop mirror to any angle you need and easy toggle between magnification options

3. Customized Magnifying Mirror, special for your delicate makeup.       

The 1X high definition optical glass mirror allows you to see your entire face, which is ideal for checking full face makeup. If you need to do some close-up makeup, a simple swivel to the 3X/5X/7X/10X distortion-free beauty mirror can make it easier and more refined.

4. Strong anti-corrosion properties
(Mirror stand) Made of a high-grade and expensive metal material- Chrome which is chemically stable with strong anti-corrosion properties.

5. Portability and Stylish.
Cordless and lightweight, this mirror is so easy to take around anywhere! This bling mirror will add glam to any desk! The rhinestones are of extremely high quality and will give off a sparkle unlike any other.


Makeup Mirror
6 inch, Personalized
Round shape
Frame Material
Sides Double sides
Brand Name
360 Degree Rotation
Black powder painted
Color box/customization
Customization Supported
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