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Top Most Worthwhile International Beauty Expro List

International Beauty Expro List

Globally, the number of international beauty fairs in 2020 has not been decimated by the booming online economy, and, basically, several major International Beauty Fairs are still thriving.

Category I: the old classic, the first choice must see the International Exhibition.


With a long history and a very good global reputation and high-quality word of mouth, usually, the exhibition content clearly classified, exhibitors enthusiasm, exhibits extremely rich, huge traffic, can fully reflect industry trends and trends, is a must-see international show for beginners.

Representative exhibition: COMOPROF Worldwide Bologna

The most worthwhile International Beauty Expro

Venue: Bologna Convention and Exhibition Center, Italy

Founded in 1967, the Bologna Beauty Fair in Italy is known as “The world’s first beauty show”, with a “Long history and high reputation”, it is also listed as “The largest and most authoritative global beauty fair” by the Guinness Book of World Records. Most of the world’s leading beauty companies have set up a large booth here, the launch of brand-new products and technology.

In addition to a large number of products and technology, COMOPROF also directly affects and creates the trend of the world. According to the feedback from Chinese exhibitors in the past, the exhibition is a more direct and effective way for them to develop international orders, and a good platform for them to set up global market agents.

Representative exhibition: Beauty Düsseldorf

Venue: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany

The organizer, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, is one of the top five exhibitors in the world, with more than 20 of the world’s leading exhibition brands, has become the industry’s international professional exhibition.

With the support of more and more international giants in the beauty industry, Düsseldorf is becoming more and more international, building on the traditional B2B, use media to promote local and European brands. At the same time, B2C special zone is set up for exhibitors to know more about the consumption demand of terminal consumers.

Category II: International Exhibition with high marks of high precision


In the beauty industry in a fine division of a branch, the exhibition content distinct, although smaller than the overall exhibition, but the internal division is clear, high professional exhibitors, exhibits professional, can fully reflect the trends and trends of the industry segmentation.

Representative exhibition: COSME Tech

Venue: Muchang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Cosme Tech, held annually by Reed Exhibitions Japan, is hailed by many companies as an important platform for opening up the Japanese market, last year, COSMETech attracted 50,287 visitors from 780 exhibitors, according to the company.

Beauty Japan, Beautyworld Japan, is one of the most famous beauty and hair products exhibitions in Japan and is hosted by the world-renowned exhibition giant Frankfurt. Beautyworld is held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka throughout the year. For more than two decades, the Frankfurt exhibition has hosted the trade fair for Beautyworld, providing a platform for the beauty industry to exchange information about the cosmetics, health care and spa industries.

Representative exhibition: Hair Brasil

Venue: Sao Paulo North Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brazil

Hair Brasil, the international fair for the development of beauty in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the largest and most professional beauty and cosmetic fair in Central and South America, with 570 companies and brands participating in the fair each year, it attracted 98,000 visitors from all over Brazil and internationally, with the main international groups coming from China, the United States, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and France.

Many professionals analysis: when the U. S. and European economic downturn, the positive layout of the future Central and South American economies is a good policy.

Representative exhibition: CI Korea

Venue: Korea International Convention and Exhibition Center, Seoul

CI Korea, the Seoul International Cosmetics Exhibition held in South Korea, a country that can not be ignored in Asian beauty technology and trends, attracts professionals from all over the world every year, is recognized as a very professional B2B cosmetics special exhibition, is also South Korea’s large-scale, one of the powerful cosmetics exhibition.

CI Korea, a professional exhibition of cosmetics materials, materials, OEM, and ODM, is a new trend for professionals to understand the cosmetics and personal care industry, opening up the Asian cosmetics market is one of the important exhibitions.

Representative exhibition: HPIC India

Venue: Mumbai Convention Centre, India

HPIC India represents a $30 billion market that is growing at a rate of 10% to 12% a year, experts say. The HPIC India Exhibition Center in Mumbai hosted more than 11,500 industry experts from India, China, Europe, and other parts of the world. The exhibition is a professional B2B trade fair. It is open to trade only. Non-trade members and persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit the exhibition. No retail activities are available on site.

Representative exhibition: COSMEX – THAILAND 2021 (Bangkok)

Venue: Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre

Perfumes, perfumes, cosmetics raw materials, cosmetics, and skincare products, natural beauty products, baby skincare products, hygiene products, daily cosmetics, cleaning products, beauty parlors specialized cosmetics, beauty equipment, SPA products, pharmaceutical cosmetics, essential oil beauty gifts, nail products and beauty equipment, hair products, and beauty equipment…

Thailand Bangkok cosmetic packaging exhibition COSMEX Asia is Thailand’s largest manufacturing solutions trade fair, specifically targeted at cosmetics, personal care, cosmetics, spices and soaps, detergents, washing supplies market, is an important platform for enterprises to open the Thai market.

Category III: Small Comprehensive Beauty Exhibition

Representative exhibition: IBSNewYork

Venue: Javits Convention Center, New York

It’s fair enough to say that IBS New York is one of America’s oldest and largest trade shows for professional beauty professionals, bringing together high-end beauty manufacturers and suppliers, it attracts more than 60 million salon owners, beauticians, and other professionals from 78 countries around the world almost every year.

Speaking of IBS, exhibitors will use exciting words such as “Excited” and “Inspired” because they can always buy the latest beauty products and keep abreast of the latest fashion trends and trends by participating in the New York International Beauty Development, at the same time, through participation in on-site beauty teaching class to learn and improve beauty skills.

Representative exhibition: Professional Beauty, London

Venue: ExCeL , London

As a British pioneer Beauty, hairdressing, Beauty pageant, British Professional Beauty international Beauty, Beauty Fair, Beauty Development Exhibition, Professional Beauty is the current British Beauty industry Professional exhibition.

From traditional facials, facial waxing, and full-body facials, to non-surgical facelifts, health programs and free experiences, skincare, nails, spa treatments, fitness, makeup, tanning, beauty equipment, etc., companies can find the most comprehensive suppliers here.


Representative exhibition: IN-COSMETICS, Spain

Venue: Barcelona Convention Centre, Spain

In-cosmetics is the world’s leading international trade fair for ingredients and ingredients used in cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care. It is held every spring in Europe, attracting the world’s top suppliers, R & D personnel, as well as production and marketing professionals, professionals call it a platform for the most enlightening new ingredients, new technologies, new solutions and cutting edge products, as well as a comprehensive educational opportunity for those in the industry, and become the cosmetics industry scientific and technological breakthroughs, trends and related regulations released one of the first platforms.

Country market focus-the exhibition market focus event each year launched a national theme, attracting a large number of professionals to focus on the host Country’s new products and features.

Representative exhibition: IN-COSMETICS Latin America (Brazil)

Venue: Sao Paulo Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brazil

Brazil is the world’s largest market for perfumes and deodorants, the world’s second-largest market for hair products, oral hygiene products, men’s products, children’s products and, sun protection products market, the world’s third-largest cosmetics and hair dye products market, the world’s fourth-largest hair removal products market and the world’s fifth-largest skin care products market. In-cosmetics Latin America is South America’s largest and most professional and leading international fair of ingredients and ingredients for cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care.

Held every fall in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the fair attracts the world’s top suppliers, R & D professionals, and production and marketing professionals, it is a platform for the most enlightening new ingredients, new technologies, new solutions, and cutting edge products. It also provides comprehensive educational opportunities and technological breakthroughs, trends and regulations in the cosmetics industry.

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Top Most Worthwhile International Beauty Expro List

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