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How to Use a Bluetooth Music Mirror: A Comprehensive Guide

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This review provides a detailed guide on how to use a Bluetooth Music mirror. It covers important instructions and safety precautions, along with specific functions such as charging, adjusting the light, and utilizing the Bluetooth audio feature.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Safety Instructions

3. Operation

4. Bluetooth Audio Function

5. Charging

6. Conclusion

1. Introduction:

Greenfrom Bluetooth music mirror combines the functionality of a 8 inches mirror with built-in lithium battery, allowing users to charge devices, adjust lighting, and enjoy wireless audio connectivity. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a Bluetooth mirror effectively.

2. Safety Instructions:

Before using the Bluetooth electric mirror, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines to ensure personal safety and prevent electrical hazards. These guidelines include:

– Caution when handling the mirror, as it is made of glass.

– Avoid using the mirror near water or in wet areas.

– Ensure proper ventilation and avoid blocking the mirror’s ventilation openings.

– Keep the mirror away from heat sources.

– Read and understand all safety and operating instructions.

  • Operation:
  1. Button switch

-Long press the backside on&off button to turn on the Bluetooth function, and you can hear warning tone at the same time.

-When the touch dimmer blue light is flashing, the Bluetooth is seeking matching. The blue light keeps on when is matched successful.

-Short press the button disconnects the Bluetooth. Short press button again will connect the Bluetooth.

-Long press the button can turn off the Bluetooth.

  • Touch dimmer

-Short press the dimmer on glass to switch the lighting tones, that will be cold white lighting, warm white lighting and natural lighting one by one.

-Long press the dimmer to adjust brightness

-Lighting memory function shows the brightness you set from last using

  • Angle adjustment

The mirror could adjust the angle for around 90 degree when is in use.

4. Bluetooth Audio Function:

The Bluetooth audio feature allows you to connect your cell phone devices to the mirror and enjoy wireless audio playback. Follow these steps to use the Bluetooth audio function:

– Ensure your Bluetooth device is open.

– Activate the Bluetooth function on your device and ensure an active internet connection.

-Pair your device with the mirror’s Bluetooth speaker by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

– Once paired, you can play music, make/ take calls.

  • Charging

– The mirror power supply is the lithium battery

– Complete charging time is 4.5 hrs

– The indicator is red when is charging, the indicator is off when is fully charged

  • Conclusion:

Bluetooth electric mirrors offer a convenient and modern solution for your grooming routine. By following the instructions in this guide, you can effectively use the mirror’s charging, lighting, and Bluetooth audio features.

greenfrom mirror

How to Use a Bluetooth Music Mirror: A Comprehensive Guide

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