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Analysis Of Vanity Mirror Enterprises Will Be Located In The Young Consumer Is Correct?

anity mirror as a home life essential part of products, many enterprises are mainly located in the consumer population of young people, but this subjective perception in the end, right?

Compared to the elderly, young people generally accept the degree and adaptability is higher. The makeup mirror as a home life in the essential products, many companies to the consumer group is mainly located in young people, but this subjective perception of the right? Next, the author of the famous vanity mirror brand will analyze you in this analysis.

Most Makeup Mirror Companies Target Consumers To Young People

The mirror, as an essential item in home life, has been popular among some middle and high-end consumers, having had an explosive period, but started all over again due to immature technology. In the past few years, makeup mirror brands have also maintained a more stable growth. Especially in the traditional three pieces of growth is weak, as well as the lack of new bright spots in the market, the makeup mirror began to emerge opportunities. And today, the vanity mirror industry is full of brands. Numerous companies are driving the industry forward, even as some large traditional companies are entering the makeup mirror market. Most of the makeup mirror, will consumers are positioned among the young people.

Vanity Mirrors Should Target Consumer Groups In The Middle Class

The author believes that the vanity mirror industry has some bias in terms of consumer level positioning. Many brand marketers feel that the makeup mirror as a household product, will certainly be welcomed by a large number of young people, therefore, locking young people as the main consumer groups. However, after years of data show that the middle class with spending power is the mainstream group to buy makeup mirrors. Because, on the one hand, young people’s financial strength is not enough. And most of the vanity mirror price of seven or eight thousand or even more than ten thousand, belongs to the high-end products.

At the same time, young people’s life and shopping habits, let them choose more traditional kitchen appliance products. Many young people through the network to obtain information, communicate with people, buy online, comments and so on. The sale of makeup mirrors not only requires the use of live demonstrations, but also to the consumer’s home to do field measurements and installation, not suitable for online sales. There are makeup mirror market imperfections, some brands are also more difficult to complete the installation of off-site sales. Because it is difficult to let young people in the store to listen to the shopping guide to introduce products. In addition, the proportion of young people doing their own cooking is declining.

On the one hand, middle-aged people with better incomes have the economic strength to buy high-end products. In addition, this group is basically based on second suites, or improved renovations. Long-term life experience lets them know what kind of kitchen appliances to choose. Therefore, the makeup mirror should be locked in a certain economic strength of the middle class consumer groups.

Makeup mirror with the trend of the times was born. The main green environmental protection, is in line with the current mainstream. But I think, vanity mirror enterprises should do more market research, to understand the current various consumer groups, considering all aspects of the situation, in order to better lock consumers.

Analysis Of Vanity Mirror Enterprises Will Be Located In The Young Consumer Is Correct?

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