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Analysis on the anti-fog function of the bathroom mirror

A lot of bathroom mirrors that sell on the market now have the function that anti-fog also call Fog-free Bathroom mirror. In our daily life, the application of the anti-fog bathroom mirror is getting popular. Many shopping malls, hotels and swimming pools are decorated with anti-fog bathroom mirrors. So what is the principle of this special function of anti-fog? I hope you will figure out the magic inside the bathroom mirror after reading this analysis share with you.

Where is this fog come from?

Why are bathroom mirrors get foggy? Normally, the temperature difference between cold and hot condition will make this little white foggy friends happen into the bathroom mirror. Water vapor meet the cold surface of the bathroom mirror will come into a layer of water droplets on it. So called fog phenomenon. To avoid the temperature difference can be effectively avoid the formation of small water droplets of this so call fog phenomenon.

Let see the magic inside the anti fog bathroom mirror.

There are ordinary bathroom mirrors on the market also the anti fog bathroom mirror, users can choose to buy it according to your daily habit. In one simple words to say it magic that the anti-fog mirror is actually coating a layer of anti-fog film in the mirror.

Anti – fog mirror mainly divided into the coating anti – fog mirror and electric anti – fog mirror. The former one prevents the fog layer form through the coating micropores; The latter one increases the mirror’s humidity through electric heating, and the fog evaporates quickly, thus preventing the formation of a fog layer. In addition, there is other type of anti-fog mirrors on the market, but will be introduce in the near future. We mainly talking about these two kinds of the anti-fog bathroom mirrors.

A the Electric anti fog bathroom mirror

In the electric anti fog bathroom mirror, anti-fog film can efficiently convert electric energy into heat energy, and direct heat energy to the mirror surface, so that the mirror surface temperature.The specific power can keep the mirror under constant temperature, effectively prevent the water vapor from condensing on the mirror and thus play the role of anti-fog.The specification of anti-fog film is determined according to the size of anti-fog mirror. In order to ensure the installation of anti-fog film is firm and safe, and ensure the anti-fog effect of mirror, the specification of anti-fog film is the length and width of anti-fog mirror minus 50mm.

B the Nano-coated anti fog bathroom mirror

The surface of the anti-fog mirror is coated with nanocomposite of anti-fog film. Even at the sub-zero room temperature and tested with 80 degrees of hot water, the anti-fog mirror can still maintain a fog-free state with good performance effect.

In addition, anti-fog bathroom mirror has other advantage of being moisture proof, not easy to getting rust and easy to clean and so on.

Analysis on the anti-fog function of the bathroom mirror

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